Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tip Time Tuesday

Tip Time Tuesday!

My tip is on how to save $$...

I know a lot of people have started tightening the budgets and looking for ways to save money. 
One way I have seen people saving money is using coupons. I have thought to myself that it looks like it takes a lot of time and energy, but after taking a quick class I found out it can be much eaiser.

I am not a super couponer... yet, but I am trying to learn and I am passing what knowledge I do have on to you :) 

I started using coupons less than a month ago and I put everything I have saved into a "savings" so far I have saved 55.50$. To me that was quite something. This is money I would have spent if I did not have a coupon. So that opened my eyes to looking at using coupons a little closer... here is what I have learned.

  1. It is suggested that you get a paper for every person that is in your home (I get 4)
  2. Only clip the coupons you know you will use. If you don't have pets don't clip those coupons.
  3. Also if you have 4 sets of the same coupons, line the papers up and cut them all at once. 
  4. Go to manufacturers websites to see if they have coupons.
  5. Also look online for coupons such as coupons.com or smartsource.com
  6. Look at the ads on Sunday and see who has the best deal on what is on your "grocery list" and shop there. 
  7. Organize coupons in categories so you can find them quickly. (baby, bread & cereal, cleaner, dairy, dessert, meat, medicine, paper goods, personal hygiene, and misc)
I am just learning, but it is something I hope can help save me more money and I can start having food storage as well. 

Thanks so much for stopping by for Tip Time Tuesday!


  1. Thanks for sharing such great tips Mollie! I use coupons ALL the time! I keep all mine organized in a crafting tote!