Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tip Time Tuesday

Tip Time Tueday...
Things I use in my scrap~room, that some people may think don't belong

#1 Baby Wipes~ I use them to clean up my desk after using stamps, or
glitter. I also use them to clean off my self-healing mat. I have used
them to clean off my stamps. And also to clean up my hands
after inking or using glue so I don't get it on my project where it does not belong.
#2 Lighter~ I use this for my ribbon and to distress paper. The way I use it 
on my ribbon is to keep it from fraying. I will light it and gently get it close just
enough so that my ribbon will not fray. Also I sometimes will burn the edges of a paper
to make it look distressed.

#3 Rectangle Nail File~ I use this mostly to distress my paper edges, but there 
has been time when I am working with wood that it will sand down rough edges.

#4 Plastic Putty Scraper~ I use it to gently remove large items off my cricut mat. 
When I have a large item I have cut out and it has lost of little pieces out of
it I notice it comes up better all at once. So I use the scrapper and it 
comes right up.

#5 Zip~Lock Bags~ I use these for putting in scraps, I found the really large
bags at the dollar store. It will fit 12x12 pages with room to spare. I sometimes will be
working on a project and get stuck and so I will put everything that goes with that project in it 
and store it for when I get inspired again.

and last but not least.... my dogs!
All of my dogs have thier own spots in my room, I love to be scrappin'
and be able to feel them with my toes under my desk. 
It is just not the same scrappin' with out them :)

I hope this gave you some ideas and tips on things you can use!

Please leave a comment either about something I suggested or leave a comment
about something you use, and we will be doing a random drawing
for a cricut cartridge.
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  1. Thanks for the great tips-- I am enjoying visiting your blog
    DIANA L.

  2. Hi Molly! I love the tip about the 12x12 bags!! I really need them, I try to keep all my paper for special projects I am going to do in them with a label so I dont use that paper for other projects! TY so much! I didnt know that the $ store had them!!!!

  3. Love these tips Mollie! I can see a real need for all of them in my craftroom, except the dogs :) My dogs stay outside and my cats are not allowed either. I have enough trouble keeping my room clean without them investigating everything. I do keep wipes in my craftroom as a recent addition - love all your reasons for having them there!

    rebeccadunham at hotmail dot com

  4. Thanks Mollie for the great tips. ~Shen

  5. Thanks for the 12 x 12 bags. That will be great for my crafting.


  6. Great ideas..will need some of those bags. Like others when I can't finish something then I can keep things together for that project. The putty tool is on my must get list as well.