Monday, October 10, 2011

Fight like a GIRL!!!

Fight like a GIRL!!

October is National Breast Cancer Month, 
In Honor of all the women who have fought the brave battle this is for you!!

I know that many of you have been touched by cancer in one way or another. It may have been you or a loved one or someone you know. It is amazing to me that such a ugly disease can do some amazing things. I have see it bring people together, families grow stronger and show people just how strong they really are. In the fall of 2004 my mom had a double mastectomy. At the time you hear the news I think the only word you hear is CANCER... but after multiple doc visits and letting her make the choice. You realize that you need to be HER support. Prayers and love is one of the best medicines. As of today she has been cancer free since then! 

This talk time Tuesday is to tell us your story, or to give those who are facing this love and support!

One of the ladies on our DT is part of LUFP, please check it out!
Leave a comment and for every comment that is left I will DONATE a 1$ to breast cancer!
Happy Crafting and Thanks for your support!
DT Member Mollie

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  1. Your topic today is so inspiring Mollie-Thank you for being on my team and being my inspiration. My love and hugs to your Mom and Dad. You rock! Cathie