Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Sunday!!

Friday my best friend and I went scrapbook shopping! We went to a NEW scrapbook store "Heartfelt" and one that we have been to before "Scrapbook Clearance Outlet".

Heartfelt had a very BIG selection, and you receive 10% OFF every time you shop there. Instead of have a punch card, they have it stored in the computer with your name and phone number. When you have spent 150$ at the store you get a 15$ coupon! Also at Heartfelt they sale fabric and quilting materials. The prices were around the same as any self owned scrapbook store.

Scrapbook Clearance Outlet, is one that we have been to before. Everything in the back is 40% OFF, everything in the front of the store is 20% OFF. Also she has weekly deals. Last weeks deal was, buy 1 get 2 free. She has a .50 cent box. I found all sorts of goodies in there. I will be giving away some over then next little while.

All in all it was a very good shopping trip.

Then on Sat. we cropped the day away!!

I used some new toys that I have had for a while and had never used. I got about 15 pages done. Watched some chick flicks and had a break!!

I will be posting different projects for St.Patricks Day all week! St.Patrick's Day is special to my family. My parent's will have been married 39 years!!

Thanks for checkin' in!

Please check out my DT website, she is always having something fabulous going on!!

Have a good one!!

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  1. Sounds like a great time! Great work on getting all those pages done!